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05/09/08 08:25 AM #3    

Marshall Stevens

We had almost 100 hits on our first day after the invite went out. Of that , we had 38 clasmates log in. Please forward the invite to anyone in your email list that is in the class!

05/11/08 09:05 AM #4    

Steven Ross


Great Job with the site! This will bring all of us closer.
I wish there were names next to the reunion pictures, some classmates look different now than in 1982.
I have gotten in touch with a few classmates.
Thanks to you.
Steve Ross

05/20/08 12:33 AM #5    

Patricia Harris (Hare)

This is so much better, Marshall. Thanks for getting this done!

Here's something to add...
I used to live in Harbor Isle (parents have since moved to be near me in TX). This sports fella on TV, John Wilson (newsman) son, moved into our house. Rumor has it that my old house (boo hoo) has just been torn apart and rebuilt? Can anyone send me a photo?

Oh, an old neighbor and Class of 1983 Scott Rismiller lives just minutes from me. Ran into him in the grocery store. !!!


05/31/08 01:50 PM #6    

Al Haynes

Great job on the website. Nice to be able have contact information for our fellow Vikings. Have missed most events, hopefully will be able to plan and attend future gatherings.

06/12/08 07:37 PM #7    

Terri Winters (Jones)

Nice! Great way to connect (directly) with friends from long ago. I sent a message to a classmate and had a response in 5 minutes! Thank you!

07/08/08 04:56 PM #8    

T. A. Ike

Well it's been a incredibly long time since I have seen any of you people from my past, and I still remember the names but the faces have faded. Hope some of you remember me even though I wasn't able to finish at the same time as the rest of you. If you all could put some pictures up that would help as well.
Hope to hear from anyone that remembers me T.A. Ike, Todd Ike if you knew me by that name.

07/12/08 05:07 PM #9    


Doug McLean

We need to create a Senior Picture page so we know who's who.

07/15/08 07:28 AM #10    

Steve Cox

TA, I remember you. I remember that you had a head full of hair! Looks like we are now both "follically challenged"

Great site!

07/29/08 09:59 AM #11    

T. A. Ike

Hahahaha hey steve, I know but at least it doesnt take long to get ready in the morning!!!!

07/31/08 07:56 PM #12    

Steve Cox

^^^How true that is ;-)

08/14/08 09:48 PM #13    

Cathy Sanger (Coe-Clune)

Hey Marshall and everyone.
This is great! I'd love to hear from anyone. I have been in Texas since 1985! I havent really seen anyone. I havent been as lucky as Patti. So if you knew me dfrop me a line. I havent posted pictures yet but I will get to it. Im sure we are all really busy! So if yopur out thewre and want to drop me a note, great!
Thanks for this site. I really would like to see some names on those reunion pictures. Thanks! Cathy

09/08/08 05:46 PM #14    

Tim Robinson

Great site, Marshall! Thanks for giving us this space and opportunity to reconnect!!

Hey all you former classmates! I'm just now updating my personal page with some recent photos. However, my scanner is broken so I can't upload my senior yearbook pic. If someone has an '82 yearbook and scanner I'd appreciate if you could scan in my photo and email to me. Then I'll post it up here for all to see (ugh!).


09/08/08 06:07 PM #15    

Tim Robinson

Hey Marshall, I just had a thought. It'd be nice if we had a dedicated page to list classmates who have passed on. I don't know of any but if I ever learn of deceased classmate it'd be nice to post it to a dedicated page. My old squadron in the Air Force does that. Just a suggestion.


09/08/08 08:27 PM #16    

Tim Robinson


I just saw Marshall's email about the passing of Tom Brophy.
I did not know about this when I posted my message about having a memory area for deceased classmates. There is no relation to Tom's passing and my suggestion. I did not know Tom but will honor his passing as I would anyone that I did know. May he rest in peace and his remaining family receive comfort.


01/24/09 11:26 PM #17    

David Ferguson

WOW talking about blasts from the past this is real nice good job setting it up

01/28/09 11:29 AM #18    


Lori Adams (Hullet)

Awesome job on the site Marshall. Thanks for emailing me and updating me on the NEHI website.

06/12/09 05:02 PM #19    

Chuck Lindsay

hey everybody,just wanted to say hi. i sure do miss the old days,hanging out at 28th st drive-in on friday night or going to a keg party at twin lakes or just cruising clearwater beach with RUSH jammin on the old pioneer super tuner. i can't believe time passes this fast.hope to see ya'll soon. thanks marshall for this great website

09/26/10 12:24 AM #20    


Doug McLean

We need to get a 80's Dance Party going on somewhere. Dress up like the 80's and Dance & Drink all night.

02/19/11 02:36 PM #21    


Hamilton D. Harvey, III

Hi Marshall,

Great job with the site. Hope all is well with you and the family. I will touch base with you when I'm down in FL again. I also wanted to mention I know where Jackie Stein is located in Wisconsin, and I'll touch base with her when I see her again. She's one of our missing classmates I noticed.

Take Care,


06/05/11 09:07 PM #22    

Colleen Burke (Moore)

Hi Everyone-Wow it's been years. Moved away from St. Pete in Nov. of 83. Recongize so many names...and memories attached to those names. Am still best friends with Kim Stauber...she's in Chicago. Will see her again in October for my daughters wedding and get her to sign in to this site also.

So happy I found this thru FB!!

06/13/11 01:09 AM #23    

Dwan Gibson

Hello Marshall.  I like the NEHI Website.  I visited several years ago but got disconnected.  Thanks for keeping it up and together.  If I'm not abroad in June, I will attend the class reunion. 

Tell the all of the Vikings that I said hello!


Dwan "Tiny" Gibson

09/03/11 06:13 PM #24    

Pete Bonalewicz

Great website! just goes to show alot of good people grad in 1982! See ya all soon...

09/14/11 04:57 PM #25    

Cookie Kruck

Dang Marshal! You rock this website OUT! Sorry so long out of touch no excuse at all unless you respect "pleasing thy self" miss you and your beautiful wife. Gonna strive to show up this weekend
don't think I don't love you and your efforts. I do. Kisses all around no tongue.
Colleen Cookie Kruck

09/15/11 04:30 AM #26    


Deno Sansonetti

Just got my NEHI UPDATE HIT.....AHHH


02/28/12 07:54 PM #27    

Paul Armstrong

Marshall - ready to rock just paid early for both nights - look forward to seeing everyone--

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